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Over 15 years ago we began our proud partnership with ASICS New Zealand. ASICS New Zealand’s shoe development story is one of extraordinary partnerships with New Zealand’s elite athletes; leading sports physiotherapists, podiatrists, scientists and various New Zealand universities.

Our partnership is an assertion of ASICS’ pursuit of excellence and commitment to developing the best and safest sport specific athletic footwear for everyone who participates in sport and healthy physical activities. 

Shoes featuring the PodiatryNZ logo are recommended for their technical performance, fit and comfort.


Product Reviews

The latest reviews of Asics footwear.


Asics Consumer Running Profile

For Podiatrists

The ASICS Professional Buyers Programme enables PodiatryNZ Podiatrists to experience ASICS shoes first hand.  The resources here will assist you to refer the most suitable shoe/s to your clients and patients.

By registering for the Professional Buyers Programme you will receive vouchers per year (that’s two every six months) to purchase discounted shoes from the new product range.

Keep up to date with ASICS medical updates and other information related to health professionals

Full terms and conditions can be found on the Professional Buyers Programme registration page.