Newsletter - August 2019

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PodiatryNZ News

New website for the public

This week we launched a new website to engage with the public.  Members of the public can obtain information about foot health and search for a podiatrist.  To get the most out of this facility, the details we have in our current website  on your clinic must be correct to ensure that they are searchable by the public. 

2019 Membership Renewals

June is our major membership renewal time of the year. Thanks to all our wonderful members who have recently renewed. We are encouraged and appreciative of your continued support.  We are a membership organisation and all of our activities (training, education, events, advocacy, promotion) are provided to add-value to you and the communities you work with.  We look forward to rolling out some exciting new initiatives over the coming months.

Podopaediatrics (Paeds) Working Group

We are noticing a growing interest in Paeds by our members.  We are looking to develop and deliver professional development focused on the diagnosis and treatment of foot disorders in children.  If you would like to get involved in the governance working group for this area please email and let us know.

Are your practices sustainable?

Recently a member said to us “I am quite upset by the 20 pairs of gloves, the 20 blue plastic backed sheets, and the 20 single use autoclave bags I chuck each day.”  We would love to know if you share these concerns or have any tips on how to work sustainably.  Email us your thoughts. 

Psoriatic Arthritis Study

Foot problems are common in people with inflammatory arthritis. But little is known about foot involvement related to psoriatic arthritis. Our research team is conducting a national survey in Australia and New Zealand about foot problems affecting people with psoriatic arthritis. The aim of the survey is to understand more about the impact of foot involvement in this patient group in order to develop targeted assessment and treatment strategies. Please visit our website for the survey information and links.


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