What is podiatry?

Podiatry is a specialty that focuses on the diagnosis, treatment, prevention and management of diseases, defects and injuries of the foot, ankle and lower limb. This includes ankle and foot injuries, problems with gait or walking, complications related to medical conditions such as diabetes and arthritis and diseases of the skin or nail such as cracked heels, ingrown toenails, neuromas, warts and other fungal conditions.

A podiatrist is a medical professional devoted to the study and medical of disorders of the feet, ankles and lower extremities.

Podiatrists are the only medical professionals who exclusively specialise in treating the foot and ankle.

What can podiatrist’s do?

Podiatrists are specialists of the foot, and as such treat all manner of conditions which affect the skin, nails, muscles, joints, tendons, nerves and circulation of the foot. As you can imagine that is quite a lot, which is why to become a Podiatrist a degree in podiatric medicine is required.

The most common conditions treated by podiatrists are problem nails (including ingrown toenails), corns and callus, verrucae and heel pain. The majority of people will suffer from foot pain at some point in their life, and podiatrists are always keen to tell us that foot pain is not normal and is something we shouldn’t put up with.

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