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The GEL-DS TRAINER wearer is generally an accomplished runner, often young, fast and strong. The DS Trainer wearer could also be a recreational or accomplished walker.


What features allow the GEL-DS TRAINER to suit such types of wearer?


The DS Trainer is almost ¼ of a shoe lighter than other ASICS models. Given that all shoes are remarkably lighter than they were 10 years ago, this is a large decrease. The GEL-DS TRAINER is described as being an extension of the foot instead of the traditional feel of wearing a normal shoe.


It has an 8 mm pitch height differential between heel and forefoot. This is deliberately designed for the runner who lands slightly forward of the heel or one who walks with limited ground clearance time available. Lower heel pitch shoes require less work of anterior shin muscle activation, especially for walking gait.


The Midsole material is FlyteFoam Lyte with Duomax proprioceptive reinforcement for wayward pronation management at midstance. There is rearfoot Gel to assist landing comfort, and Gel is consciously absent from the forefoot. The DS Trainer wearer clears the propulsive surface quickly and doesn’t require forefoot gel to stiffen the metatarsal joint portion of the shoe. The wearer likes the responsive yet flexible feel of minimal midsole intervention at propulsion.


The shoes’ outsole design reinforces this thinking. The tread is less thick because this light weight runner won’t wear through unnecessary density. There is however a greater use of AHAR compound and more surface coverage than other outsoles. This outsole material allows greater traction, greater shear resistance and durability and better cognition of the ground. There is a subtle thermoplastic medial arch reinforcement to give assistance of frontal plane pronation management.


The Upper design has an aesthetic ‘cool’ factor and keeps thermoregulation control at the forefront of mind. The fibres have a mixture of weave types that function to be more porous at the dorsal forefoot but torsionally robust at the midfoot. Inside the shoe, the upper is lined with a unique fabric that wicks moisture, reduces shear and targets anti-slip and anti-blister incidence. The heel counter is also a quality concept, with its memory foam to hold individual heel architecture. It is lined with an anti-slip fabric to allow the wearer to race without socks confidently.


The GEL-DS TRAINER 24 is an easy choice for those who have worn it previously and know what to expect underfoot. They will be pleasantly surprised at the upper design that keeps the foot genuinely cool and comfortable, as well as looks striking. For the runner who trains in a conventional 10 mm pitch, greater midsole density and more robust upper – may find the underfoot feel confronting and raw. Accomplished runners however, love and prefer this, as do many walkers. 

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