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The Gel-Cumulus 21 was born during the same era as our human Generation Z, the group of people that are known to value hard work, are competitive, are socially open minded and non-traditionalist in sport codes.

The Cumulus 21 is designed with a similar trait. It is constructed to withstand and respond to hard work, is suited to highly ambitious use and is adaptable to multi-sport type. It is not only a competitive running shoe for the elite runner.

The Cumulus’s outsole is different to that of the Pursue/Kayano/2000 with no Trusstic. This makes it look contemporary and less complicated. Most importantly, it allows for different strike patterns from the SAME runner. It can be used for fast forefoot strike, slow recovery full foot strike, plyometric jump lateral midfoot landing, or uneven surface landing – rope, pole, rock or soil. The finer outsole grip pattern allows for far safer landing during non-conventional sport like high intensity gym training or multidirectional running. The Guidance Line though ensures this uneven surface or landing angle is still directed to the foot midline.

The underfoot midsole is comfortable enough to give responsive, safe feedback on a number of loading styles. The FlyteFoam midsole packs rear and forefoot Gel cushioning that is compact enough to keep the shoe light, low to the ground and unencumbered.

The upper has developed further from version 20. The heel counter has an internal polymer counter to hold triplane movement in the Subtalar joint on landing and midstance. The heated overlays are formed around the heel counter externally like a cross-link pattern to control transverse splay of the heel counter. This is extended to the anterior ankle region and supports the eyelets of the upper. The result is a fully conforming proprioceptive upper in the ankle region.

The forefoot upper is breathable and light compared to the previous model. It is double layered and cross-woven to allow both layers to move independently whilst minimalizing transverse plane movement in the midfoot at the heel lift phase of gait – regardless of activity.

The toe box feels deeper, allowing free dorsiflexion of the 1st MPJ from pre heel lift to propulsion. But importantly, the midfoot (metatarsal and tarsal region) is snug in upper fit and is fully supported by the full piece midsole underneath it.

The GEL- Cumulus 21 is a shoe that is worn by elite road runners, a tiny population of people. It is also the key choice for young people who choose technologically savvy equipment, expect to use the shoe for multiple and non-traditional sport that involves running, jumping, rotating, and are also looking for comfort and good looks along the way.

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