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For 21 years, the GEL-NIMBUS has represented ASICS as a highly cushioned, reliably durable running shoe.


The GEL-NIMBUS 21 shoe has refined its cushion feel to carry both the hard landing and heavy weighted runner, contain and protect load and disperse it steadily through gait.  The shoe though, is described as high off the ground and soft underfoot.


How does Nimbus 21 do this?


The GEL-NIMBUS has a standout pitch for women – 13 mm between the heel and forefoot.  The forward momentum this creates is immediately noticeable.  Perhaps it could be suitable for those with Achilles or calf strain history, women with intermittent Plantar fascia tightness and irritation or those with osteophytic thickening of the 1stmetatarsophalangeal joint.  This single pitch feature makes it a prescription shoe for Podiatrists and Physiotherapists to consider as a genuine treatment tool.


The GEL-NIMBUS’s midsole is individual to all other ASCIS shoes.  It has durable FlyteFoam Lyte creation, cradling heel to metatarsal base and new FlyteFoam Propel directly underfoot from heel to toe.  This layer incorporates 1stMPJ gel and heel impact gel – these are now close to the plantar foot and are acutely felt for their soft cushion effect.  Another prescriptive feature, patients with low plantar fat pad or sesamoid injury may find this under-surface cushioning of comfort benefit.


The heel counter is external and is wrapped with a highly comfortable material that conforms to individual heel contour.  Podiatrists and Physiotherapists will find this feature particularly helpful for patient’s affected by retrocalcaneal bursitis or insertional Achilles tendon injury.


Underfoot Trusstic is subtle but present.  The outsole surface area AHAR material has larger surface coverage than other ASICS models.  A deliberate move by its designers to target the wearer who may have slower transition from heel lift to toe off phase, or opposite – a mid or forefoot strike, which requires high shear resistance and grip from the forefoot outsole.


The upper of the GEL-NIMBUS 21 is highly breathable, allowing the foot every opportunity to exert itself in a temperate and hygienic state.  The fabric has double layers, providing a level of durability and resistance to stretch as the shoe ages.  The toe box region is deeper and broader which will please many wearers who suffer from neuroma or bunion joint change.


The GEL-NIMBUS 21 is a highly specific shoe, but one that speaks to quite a diverse subset of runners. 

Retailers can suggest many injured runners try this shoe on – those with injury in the heel, Achilles, Plantar fascia, sesamoid and 1st metatarsophalangeal joint.

But not only the injured runner will suit this shoe.  The heavy, slower paced runner will find this shoe light and responsive underfoot – but most importantly, durable.  Opposingly, the fast, high landing runner who hits the ground with great impact and midfoot shear may find this shoe great for shock attenuation feel and resistance to outsole shear.

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