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The DynaFlyte 3 has the traits of a true Millennial – frank, transparent, design conscious and capable of multi-tasking.  


It does what is says; provides a clean, unencumbered running experience. It hides none of its features; places form equal to function and can be used as a multi-exercise tool.


The running experience of DynaFlyte 3 is purist:  

At landing the heel counter guides impact with a proprioceptive focus instead of structural. There is no external counter to hold the subtalar joint, but the shoe relies on the foot naturally knowing its parameters.  The upper internal fabric has no seams, gives a silky feel to the ankle and heel and allows the wearer to feel its contours evenly.  This blister-proof fabric eliminates the need to wear socks.  


The feel of impact underfoot can be described as direct. The FlyteFoam midsole is a modern composite material that has high rebound ability and is resistant to excessive deformation.  There is an injection of infused Gel into the midsole, giving a streamlined feel of cushioning at landing, as well as resistance of excessive ripple.  


Midstance is clearly relying on efficient gait to accompany it. The FlyteFoam does its bit to transport downward energy forward.  There is no external Trusstic but the medial portion of outsole extends from heel to forefoot.  It is a handy connector and creates a subtle form of torque.  At low speed, it will be relied upon more to leverage load forward.


The DynaFlyte’s pitch is lower than standard running models by 2 mm.  It is therefore designed for less ankle dorsiflexion landing angle and prefers more surface area of the foot to make contact.  For this reason it is a multi-tasking running and walking shoe.


Propulsion is nondescript, and how it should be. There is no sign of sagittal resistance and the foot can easily transition both forward and upward or simply forward if walking.


The DynaFlyte 3 is versatile both functionally and fashionably. It can be used by the elite running racer, or the recreationalist multi user who participates in light running, walking and strength work at the gym.  It has a stunning design that suits the athleisure focused dresser and can be fashionably worn at the gym and then afterward in the urban café.

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