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The Menace is built with a 10 stud (7 in the front and 4 in the rear) configuration and the studs are 3mm shorter than the Asics Testimonial. This keeps the weight down and provides added traction when planting the heel or pushing off through the forefoot. The three density outsole construction has been designed to allow flexion in the forefoot and stability through the midfoot and heel.

Combined with the wrap around plastic heel plate on the medial and lateral sides there is significant support for the heel that gives the boot a stable foundation to push off from. The Solyte Hg10mm placed only in the rearfoot pitches the heel 10mm higher moving the centre of mass forward allowing for a quick transition from heel to toe when sprinting. It further helps with injury prevention by reducing strain on the lower limb and is a standard feature in all Asics’s football models. The Menace is packaged in a single layer synthetic upper that breathes speed and keeps the overall weight low with no stitching.

The Menace 3 is the first ultra lightweight boot that exudes speed. In making a ultra light boot sacrifices are made in support and comfort. The Menace 3 has retained the Hg10mm Solyte in the rearfoot that is supported by the wrap around heel plate and with the firm midfoot shank the Menace 3 wont buckle under the high loads seen in turf sports. This is a great addition to the range for athletes looking for a super lightweight boot with the protective support Asics have built their reputation on. 

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