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The Gel-Pursue was designed as a sister shoe to the highly regarded 2000. Wearer’s will be used to its tough, reliable response to honest training, whilst being absolutely comfortable.

Pursue 3 has been refined with increased comfort as the priority. The upper introduces a new light, breathable design, its insole and underfoot last have been optimised and the heel region is created with strength and close fit in mind.

Uppers in shoes provide more than protection to the foot. They secure the foot to the shoe. They provide sensory feedback to help the foot use its own checking system and self-regulate balance.  They mustn’t inhibit the foots’ need to flex forward or allow it to slip in the heel.  They guide the foot structurally and deter excessive movement from sideways, forward/backward or rotational direction. They must be durable to withstand constant sweat, occasional rain, external shear and prolonged heat exposure. They must also be light. Most of all the runner must perceive the foot wrap to be comfortable.

Asics have created an upper that works in all respects. It has no seams so there is minimal risk of pressure on the foots’ surface.  I used to often reveal rubbed and sore little toes from pressure points in the days of old upper design. The new seamless upper diminishes this complaint for me.  Because there are no stitch lines at the MPJ region, flexibility is far greater during big toe propulsion.  There is almost no need to wear the shoe in like the days of old. Because uppers are required to give structural support, the Asics logo appears medially, wrapping the medial midfoot to help transition pronation forces at strike to supination forces at heel lift. It’s an important addition, positioned directly above the Trusstic feature to help give fatiguing gait the guidance it needs. 

The External Heel Counter is a recognised feature in Asics core running range. It mould the foots’ architecture sympathetically and holds it snugly into the base of the shoe even under maximum calf contracture. 

Underfoot, the shoes’ Orthalite last provides cushioning as well as spring back feel. Its accompanying Sockliner is soft, durable and gently encourages central foot position in the shoe with lateral heel wrap and medial arch moulding.

The Pursue midsole is robust under regular compression. The FluidRide (SoLyte + SpEVA combination) gives traits of softness directly underfoot but unyielding strength near the sole. It is the midsole in my opinion that allows this shoe to be universal to client types. A heavy, slow runner will find this midsole to hold up well over time. A light or medium weight high mileage runner will be able to access the soft underfoot midsole and Gel even though they don’t put excessive compression force on the shoe. A fast runner with high landing shear will find this midsole to handle torsion and compression force well, particularly at the lateral heel.

Guidance Line and Trusstic are both regular and important fuctional features in Pursue. They help encourage regular forward patterns from strike to propulsion – regardless of where on the shoe strike occurs.

Retailers and health professionals can be confident referring Pursue to a large range of runners. This shoe is an important option to carry on the shop floor for its versatility, reliability and technical input.

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