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GEL-PURSUE 5 V GT-2000 7


How would a Medical Professional, retailer or shoe consumer differentiate the GEL-PURSUE from the GT-2000? 

A good way to understand this is to compare a 2WD car from a 4WD car. 

If you were standing at the Porsche dealership looking at a 911, would I choose the standard, premium Carrera or the 4-wheel drive option? Surely 4-wheel drive is better?  Well not always necessarily. 

It depends entirely on driver ability.  The driver who can’t consistently hold optimum driving line on the road should choose the guiding hand of 4 WD to tidy up the variants.  This is an analogy of the 2000 runner.  The Carrera driver is far more accurate, reliable and consistent in holding the driver line and therefore hardly requires input from safety features.  This is an analogy of the Pursue runner.

The GEL-PURSUE is the same weight as the GT-2000 and has the same 10 mm drop from heel to forefoot pitch, the shoes give the same angle sensation when laced up.  Both shoes carry a 4 layer underfoot midsole.  Starting at the base - FlyteFoam is an entirely durable polymer that caters for repeated battering at heel or midfoot strike.  A tier above is a soft feeling SpEVA that is also known for its reliable cushion properties that don’t break down.   A combination of the memory foam sockliner, soft last and SpEVA make for a plush underfoot initial experience every time the shoe gets laced up.  The total package midsole feels reliably comfortable.  Landing isn’t painful, nor unstable and it’s not overanalysed.  The foot can move through impact phase with full confidence, and little conscious effort.  This is the measure of a great shoe match. 

Both the GEL-PURSUE and GT-2000 have similar outsole design.  The runner would expect similar ground strike shear and wear at ground strike, equal degree of stiffness in arch at early heel lift, and similar take off grip.  The Trusstic design is comparable as is the Guidance line between shoes. This is important as many runners experience Plantar fascial or similar under-midfoot insertional tissue tightness.  These soft tissue structures are sensitive to shoe stiffness arrangement and interchanging the underfoot design within models can be difficult for the wearer to adapt to.

So where do the differences lie between GEL-PURSUE and the GT-2000?

If a runner holds a mainly consistent gait line, this running style won’t stress the Pursue beyond its capacity.  If a runner tends to pronate at midstance-heel lift or forefoot abduct as fatigue sets in, they’ll benefit from support in the medial and middle portion of the shoe.  The GT-2000 has Duomax in the talonavicular region to give pronation force resistance underfoot.  The midsole cannot kinematically effect the dorsum of the foot, so the shoe upper complements Duomax by providing medial reinforcing straps to follow a similar structural line to that of Tibialis posterior tendon.  There is also a gentler grade of reinforcing placed alongside 1st ray to give resistance to medial and abductory foot force at late midstance. 

The forefoot fit of the GEL-PURSUE 5 and GT-2000 7 is now wider and deeper, a result of ASICS listening to feedback of consumer preference for broader forefoot fit.

Just as a 911 Porsche Carrera is a beautifully refined, yet deceptively subtle looking vehicle – the Pursue is similar in its understated appearance.  It doesn’t have a standout bell or whistle to set it easily apart from another shoe, which may make it difficult for an inexperienced retailer to understand its place on the shoe wall, but He/she will note that nothing sticks out as annoying, unsafe or unusual.  Gait simply flows.  Landing is painless, transition to rebound is efficient and propulsion is without slip.  Running in Pursue is likely to feel easy.

TheGEL-PURSUE 5 has perfected the art where each feature plays a role which complements the other.  No one part competes to be noticed over another, threatening to upset the balance.

For the more reckless, less reliably efficient gait – refer for the GT-2000 7.  The insurance of GEL-PURSUE design, with added safety features makes it a popular and safe shoe for the retailer to refer.

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