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Children's Feet

Kids are always growing and changing, which can make it very difficult for parents to know what is normal and what isn’t when it comes to their foot and leg health. What you will know is that kids spend their days running, playing, exploring and learning - so it’s important that they can do this without being held back by foot pain or problems. This is where Podiatry can help.


Podiatrists are trained in kids foot health and development and help them:


  • Recover from injuries

  • Correct misalignment in the lower limbs, e.g. in-toeing

  • Alter their biomechanics to help them walk and run better and more comfortably

  • Facilitate healthy growth and development of good habits

  • Reduce the risk of future injuries developing or recurring


They can do this by:


  • Performing child-specific biomechanical assessment of the lower limbs

  • Using orthotics to alter foot biomechanics

  • Prescribing physical therapy (strengthening and stretching) exercises to promote healthy lower limb function

  • Treating any wounds

  • Recommending specific footwear that adds support and stability

  • Teaching healthy habits, techniques and management strategies to optimise foot health

  • Referring appropriately where further investigations are required


If you’re worried about your kids feet, their development or anything unusual you’ve noticed,

Need to book an appointment?

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