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Sports Injuries

When we’re on our feet and playing the sports we love, our feet and legs can absorb massive amounts of force as we push them to take us further and faster. During running alone, our feet can be exposed to three to four times our body weight! It then comes as no surprise that many people sustain painful injuries every year participating in the sports they love.


Thankfully, Podiatrists are well trained in sports medicine and injury management to help you get back on the field and feeling ready to beat your personal best! Your Podiatrist can help you:


  • Manage and recover from injuries sustained during sports

  • Apply appropriate management strategies to reduce the likelihood of it happening again in the future

  • Reduce your risk of sustaining initial injuries

  • Optimise your performance and reduce fatigue during sports


They can do this by:


  • Performing tailored biomechanical assessment of the lower limbs and their function during your sporting activities

  • Using orthotics to alter your foot biomechanics

  • Gait retraining and technique revision

  • Prescribing physical therapy (strengthening and stretching) exercises to promote healthy lower limb function

  • Treating any open wounds concurrently sustained

  • Recommending sport-specific footwear that adds support and stability

  • Referring appropriately where further investigations are required

Stay at the top of your game, book in with your Podiatrist.

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